New lunch menu at Jamie's Italian

I was recently asked to try the new 'super lunch' menu at Jamie's Italian on George Street. I say recently, it was nearly two months ago so this is an embarrassingly late write up! But better late than never right?! As luck would have it, hubbys birthday was around the time we were going so the four of us trooped along for an early tea (the lunch menu is served 12-6pm Mon to Friday). 

Straight away we were shown to our table and Paige was handed a kids 'little pack of fun' to keep her occupied. I always breathe a little sigh of relief when I see one of these on the table! It was a good one and even had a little packet of seeds to take away - cool huh?! 

It was 5pm and the lunch menu wasn't out so we did have to specifically ask for it. Hubby and I both dined from this menu and Paige from the kids menu, which I was pleased to see had lots of healthy and yummy options for her. She chose the 'secret seven' hidden veg pasta with a side salad and she loved it. 

I was also pleased that they offer free "fruity water" too so she wasn't high on sugar all evening! She thought she was very grown up. My only comment would be a plastic cup might have been more suitable for a 2 year old as we spent half our time making sure she didn't drop it! 

As the driver, I had a very tasty non alcoholic Mojito.

Being the greedy people we are, we had to order a cheeky wee side of the Italian Nachos - crispy fried ravioli stuffed with mozarella - delicious! I think Paige ate most of them...

We both went for the pate bruschetta to start which was absolutely delicious - up there with the best I've tasted. My pictures really don't do it justice as I was trying to feed Harrison (now 6 months) at the same time!

Scott then went for the Italian Steak and Fries which he enjoyed. It was simple and done well. 

I had a sadly disappointing pesto spaghetti (which I can't find on the menu now so don't know it's proper name) but it was all stuck together in a big dry clump with lots of lemons! It had nice flavour but had maybe been sitting around too long...

Pudding was a winner with us both going for the epic brownie. Super gooey and chocolatey as it should be. After being offered a selection of desserts to be told the chocolate ice lollie she wanted then wasn't available she 'settled' (aka had a total meltdown!) for the chocolate ice cream (have you ever tried explaining to a toddler that chocolate ice cream is the same as a chocolate ice lollie?! Clearly as its not on a stick it's just not the saaaaaaaame!) Just another little comment - check what's available before offering it to a 2 year old. It sounds ridiculous but an inconsolable child can really put a dampener on an otherwise lovely evening! Although maybe this just says more about my lack of parenting skills! 😳

So all in all it was a nice meal and good value for money. It's a stunning restaurant in Assembly Rooms and the service was good. Other than my little moans, it is very child friendly but also big enough to be far away from kids to enjoy a romantic dinner too. Not that I can remember what that's like!!! 😄

Jamie's Italian is located in The Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. The super lunch menu is £12.95 for two courses or £14.95 for three and is available 12-6pm Monday to Friday. 

Thanks to Jamie's Italian for covering the cost of our food. 


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